Driver´s Info - MČR Ecce Homo April 2021


Novinky | pátek 16.04.2021

The sports event MČR Ecce Homo is organized by AMK Ecce Homo Šternberk in ÚAMK and the date is registered and approved by the NSA and the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, and this event is also reported to KHSOLC in Olomouc.

The organizing AMK Ecce Homo Šternberk in ÚAMK obtained an exemption for organizing this event from the National Sports Agency, with the obligation to meet the conditions created by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

The essential information is that the organizer is obliged to ensure the absence of spectators during the event. Due to this fact, the organizer provides online streaming, at least from the start area. The presence of spectators will not be possible in the parking lot of racing cars, which will be closed to the public for the entire duration of the race.

The race will take place on the basis of strict and binding hygienic - anti-epidemic conditions. The organizer must ensure the smallest possible number of people present with the individual sections working as away one from another as possible.

The entrance to the paddock is possible only from ČSA Streat to Dvorska Street. No other entrance is possible. Entry health checks will take place on arrival, the temperature will be measured and the entire crew of the racing team will submit a solemn declaration and confirmation of passing the PCR test with a negative result of not more than 48 hours. (This obligation does not apply to obligated persons who had a COVID-19 disease, have undergone isolation to the specified extent according to the valid emergency measures of the Ministry of Health due to a positive PCR test result and no more than 90 days have elapsed since the first positive PCR test result). If all formalities are submitted correctly, each participant will receive a tape on his hand, which entitles him to enter the paddock again throughout the event.

When moving in and outside the paddock, the riders and all other members of the racing team are obliged to wear respiratory protection, at least a respirator of the FFP2 or KN95 class. Riders in vehicles are relieved of this condition.

A physician and a coordinator for COVID-19 will be present throughout the event, as well as adequate space and conditions for the possible need for preliminary isolation in case of suspected infectious respiratory disease.

Communication will be limited as much as possible, so the official bulletin board will be exclusively electronic.

No ceremonies may be held during the race. The start of the race will take place without official officials and the awards ceremony will not be organized.

Important information! All riders are obliged to send a list of all team members who will come as support (mechanics, family members, etc.). According to this list, individuals will be checked on arrival. Send the list to the address of the driver liaison officer and Covid-19 coordinator, Mr. Marek Šenar, to no later than April 20, 2021, by the 24:00 deadline.


For more information, you can use the following contact details:

Marek Šenar - driver liaison officer, coordinator for Covid-19: +420 773 681 511,

David Žoch - head of paddock: +420 733 575 723.


Attachment: affidavit, invitation letter

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