This year's Ecce Homo race canceled!


Novinky | pondělí 22.06.2020

Dear fans of motor-sport and Ecce Homo Sternberk hill-climbed race.
We would like to comment on the situation that arose around the racing this year.

We recently issued a statement about a possibility to postpone the race. Since then we have been trying to find a way to make fans and riders happy by organizing Ecce Homo at a later date.

At the moment, there are still some restrictions due to coronavirus, such as the limited number of people at events, etc. The FIA also issued a statement canceling the entire European Uphill Championship series, which was unfortunately crucial to our efforts to organize the race. As a result of this, we had to return all the grants received prior to the organization of the European Ecce Homo Championship, so the idea remained to organize only a part of the MČR series or something like a free race. Although the race would not be on a same scale as the European Championships, there are activities and services that even a freer race cannot do without - marshals, organizers, timekeepers, rescue services, nurses, firefighters and much more. All of that costs a lot of money. Many of these services are now unavailable and we would not like to organize a race that will have many shortcomings and insufficient safety measures.

Due to the facts mentioned above, the management of the Automobile Club Ecce Homo Sternberk in ÚAMK, together with the Town Council of Sternberk, decided not to organize the race this year. The decision was made not only because of the coronavirus measures, but also because of financial and organizational reasons, which are more than demanding this year. The Ecce Homo European Championship in 2021 will celebrate all the anniversaries we were supposed to celebrate this year. We are already looking forward to seeing you all.

Thank you for your understanding and allow us to invite you all to the Ecce Homo Historic event, which will take place on 5th and 6th September 2020.

Committee of AMK Ecce Homo Sternberk in ÚAMK
Vlastimil Malík

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