AMK Ecce Homo Sternberk is getting ready for the upcoming season 2021


Tiskové zprávy | středa 03.03.2021

Preparations for the upcoming season are already underway at AMK Ecce Homo Sternberk. The organizing committee deals with requests for deadlines, special provisions, staffing of all upcoming races, etc.

The first race of the motoring season in Sternberk should be waiting for us soon, namely the Czech Ecce Homo Championship, which is the starting event of the CZECH AUTOCLUB HILL CLIMB CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES 2021. The race is to take place on April 24-25, 2021 on the shortened Ecce Homo track, ie from the start only to the area of the Lipina curve. This series includes races such as the traditional Ústecká 21, Dobšinský hill or the Slovak hill Baba.


The second and most important race we are preparing for is the European Hill Climb Championship Ecce Homo, which is taking place in May this year! The last weekend of this spring month, ie May 28 -30, 2021, the 40th year of the European Hill Climb Ecce Homo race will take place - a postponed anniversary from last year, when the race could not take place. This year we will celebrate not only the 40th anniversary of the European Championship, but also 116 years on the Ecce Homo track. We are regularly keeping in touch with the top riders of this sport branch, with both Czech and foreign riders, and they are really looking forward to the race. They would not like to repeat last year's forced break. Not only are masters of the wheel like Faggioli and Merli planning for the new season, but there has been a lot of activity in our homeland too, so we have a lot to look forward to. You have all certainly noticed a new machine that Petr Trnka will hold firmly in his hands now. This magic happened when two great competitors met - the Frenchman Sébastien Petit and our Petr Trnka. This incredible thing is called Norma M20FC 2019 with a 3.0 L Mugen under the hood. Petr Trnka is thus preparing his new car for the upcoming season.


The Ecce Homo European Championship will also include an accompanying program on the Main Square, called “The City on the Move”. This event is also in preparation, we believe that you all miss not only the sports, but also cultural activities.
Another racing event is Ecce Homo Historic race, which is to take place on the weekend of September 11 - 12, 2021. The event will take place in the two-day concept as usual. On Saturday, an exhibition of historic cars and motorcycles on Radniční Street will take place on Saturday morning and will be followed by traditional rally in the afternoon. On Sunday, the veteran beauties will race on the Ecce Homo track in training and competition heats of regularity rides. The Sternberk Festival has also been part of the Ecce Homo Historic event for many years. This celebration of our city takes place at the center of the town, on the Main Square, and is aimed for lovers of good music, beer and, of course, we must not forget, our children.

We would like to end this busy year with the Dinner Dance Evening of AMK Ecce Homo together with the town of Sternberk, which is scheduled in the calendar of events for 19 November, 2021 in the Sternberk’s Cultural Hall.
If all goes well, we will try to organize the popular motor tourism competition LIŠKA for you.
That is almost everything that awaits us this year, but on the condition that the situation will allow us to carry out races and accompanying events for you. As you know, the situation is still not good, but we believe that no one will deprive us of the races again. That all the effort made in the preparations will be rewarded. We wish and hope that the world will be the same again as it was before and we will enjoy the races, which has been the case for more than 100 years. After all, the town of Sternberk is primarily a town of motoring. Without the roar of engines and the smell of gasoline, it’s not the same. We will do our best to organize everything you have read about. Let's hope that the pandemic situation in the Czech Republic and Europe will improve and we will all meet at the start, at the depot, at the finish or along the curves of the Ecce Homo track.
Thank you for your continued support.
Committee of AMK Ecce Homo Sternberk in ÚAMK

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